Interesting Technical Reports



NASA Technical Paper 1865 – Design and testing of the NLF(1)-215F airfoil used on the Lancair 360 (8.2 Mb)


NASA CR 3405 – An Experimental Investigation of the Aerodynamics and Cooling of a Horizontally-Opposed Air Cooled Aircraft Engine (7.8Mb)


NACA Report 1038 – Wind-Tunnel Investigation of Air Inlet and Outlet Openings on a Streamline Body (1.9 Mb)


NACA Technical Notes – No 620 – Energy Loss, Velocity Distribution, and Temperature Distribution for a Baffled Cylinder Model (1.1 Mb)


AIAA 79-1820R – Full-Scale Wind Tunnel Study of the Effect of Nacelle Shape on Cooling Drag (480 Kb)


NASA Report No.920 – The Development an Application of High-Critical-Speed Nose Inlets (3.0 Mb)


NACA ACR 5120 – A experimental Investigation of NACA Submerged-Duct Entrances (3.3 Mb)


NACA RM A7130 – An Experimental Investigation of the Design Variables for NACA Submerged Duct Entrances (2.5 Mb)


NACA RM A50E02 – Pressure Distribution and Ram Recovery Characteristics of NACA Submerged Inlets at High Subsonic Speeds (1.7 Mb)


Flow Visualizations from “ Measurement Techniques in Fluid Dynamics an Introduction”, Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics (3.0 Mb)


AIAA 80-1242  Cooling Air Inlet and Exit Geometries on Aircraft Engine Installations (490 Kb)


NACA ARR No. 3H16  Improved Baffle Design for Air-Cooled Engine Cylinders (1.9 Mb)


AIAA 80-1872R - Effect of Propeller on Engine Cooling System Drag and Performance (333 Kb)


Copyrighted Papers available from SAE


Full-Scale Study of the Cooling System Aerodynamics of an Operating Piston Engine Installed in a Light Aircraft Wing Panel, V.R. Corsiglia and J. Katz


The Development of Reciprocating Engine Installation Data for General Aviation Aircraft, F. Motts



Sport Aviation Article


Cooling Drag, Making the air work for you; December, 2007, Nuts and Bolts, Building Basics


Oil Cooler Data


Stewart Warner Oil Cooler Performance Curves


Not so technical


1988 vintage Lancair Brochure (33.6 Mb, pdf)


1988 vintage Lancair Brochure (42.3 Mb, pdf)


320/360 Lancair Brochure – RDM (17.4 Mb)


320/360 Lancair Kit Contents Brochure (12 Mb)


320/360 Lancair Kit Contents Brochure (7.8 Mb)


320/360 Lancair Fast Build Brochure (8.6 Mb)

















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