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Lancair 360


 N91CZ is a Lancair 360 MkII with a stock Lycoming O-360A1A.  Construction was started in December of 1995.  First flight occurred November 1997.  Build time from a standard kit to flying was 2500 hours.  After a year of flying, painting required an additional 500 hours over a period of six months.  While not built with the goal of becoming a show plane, it did capture Champion at Oshkosh in 1999.  The plane has provided an endless source of projects aimed at improving maintainability and performance.  On this site you will find reports on a number of these projects.  Some are specific to the Lancair, while other should be of general interest.


Chris Zavatson



Studies pertaining to the Lancair 320/360


Longitudinal Stability of the Lancair 320/360 with the Original and MKII Horizontal Stabilizers - The original and MKII stabilizers are compared in flight test


Lancair Stability and Control Evaluation – Evaluation of the dynamic stability and stick force gradients in cruise and landing configurations


Cruise Flap Investigation – Drag Polars were generated to quantify the effects of flap deflection on total aircraft drag


Lancair Static Stability – Analysis and testing of the longitudinal static stability of the Lancair 360.


Vibration Analysis – Vibration Summary in cruise and take-off flight phases


Critical Angle of Attack – The rest of the Story – Despite the popular phrase, a wing does not always stall at the same angle of attack.  A look at five factors that affect the critical angle of attack.





Engine Cooling Improvement – dramatic improvement in cylinder head temperatures while increasing air speed using diffusers and a plenum chamber.


Cooling System Evaluation – Pressure and Mass Flow measurements were made to evaluate the effectiveness of the new cooling system.


Cooling Power – Horse power lost to cooling – a continuation of “Cooling System Evaluation”


Outback Gear Door Drag Reduction – A little known or discussed problem with the ‘Outback Gear’ doors is that they do not remain closed in flight.  


Induction System Improvement - sealed inlet with 100% filtering and ram pressure recovery.


Induction Inlet Sizing – How large should the inlet be made?


Autopilot Servo Installation – Utilizing space efficiently for a CG friendly servo installation


Carbon Spinner Back Plate – Eliminates cracking issue common with Aluminum





Main gear micro switches – mount the switches directly on the over-center link.


Nose Gear Strut Spacer – eases installation of the nose gear strut, eliminates lateral play.


Hinge Play – How to eliminate the play and wear inherent in MS20001 hinges.


Hinge Replacement – How to make an exact copy of an MS hinge


Hydraulics – Detailed description of the Lancair 320/360 Hydraulic System


Hydraulic Cylinder Overhaul – The details of overhauling hydraulic cylinders used on the Lancair





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